Easier Ways to Prepare Healthy Food 

Eating healthily really doesn’t have to be a chore and there are lots of ways to eat well easily and relatively cheaply. The simplest way to make preparing healthy food easier is to pick up some extra equipment for your kitchen or to work some new techniques into your prep routine. I’ve put together a list of just a few of the ways that I’ve found to make preparing healthy food easier. 

Slow Cooker 

If you’ve ever owned a slow cooker before then I’m sure I’m just preaching to the converted, but for the uninitiated out there: a slow cooker can make a huge change to your relationship with food and healthy eating. Slow cookers will very gently cook any ingredients you throw inside over the course of a few hours (the clue is in the name). The typical use of a slow cooker is to add ingredients in the morning and leave it to cook over the course of the day while you’re out and about, that way you’ll come home to a perfectly cooked meal.  

Food Processor/Blender 

Food processors and blenders make the preparation of vegetable-based meals so much more straightforward, letting you say goodbye to the days of chopping and hello to effortless healthy meals. While the benefits for preparing meals are clear, food processors and blenders are also perfect for making healthy snacks like smoothies or soups. 

Instant Pot 

The instant pot is a modern pressure cooker which is the ultimate all-rounder for preparing everything from rice and porridge to meats and stews. An instant pot will help you to reduce your cooking time significantly, while still letting you enjoy high-quality taste and texture. While you’ll usually see these recommended for use by people with less kitchen space, I would recommend them for pretty much everyone who could benefit from quicker cooking. 


Steaming vegetables is a very easy way to prepare a healthy meal. You can often steam vegetables in microwaves or even pressure cookers/slow cookers, making it a great option for when you’re in a bit of a rush. You could also try steaming vegetables in the French style by using parchment paper to achieve a great taste with almost zero clean-up. 

Who said healthy eating had to be hard?