Healthy Food Alternatives to Give a Go

Eating healthily can occasionally feel like quite a significant change in your lifestyle, and since we’re all creatures of habit that can be quite off-putting or demotivating when you’re first starting out. To make that transition easier and up the chances of making some permanent changes for the better, there are lots of small replacements or alternatives you can give a try. Replacing the unhealthy elements of your diet with healthy alternatives can help you to lose weight, while still eating the meals you like. 

Replace Sweetness with Fruit 

If you have a sweet tooth and are used to snacking on sweet treats or decking out your meals with sweet additions, then a simple way to cut down on the damage is to use fruit instead of your usual ingredients. Snacking on sweets? Try some dried fruit instead. A fan of syrup on pancakes? Replace it with a topping of chopped berries. You’ll usually be able to find some way to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising the integrity of the meal. Use your imagination and experiment to find what suits you best. 

Use Meat Substitutes 

Things like Quorn or other meat substitutes don’t have to just be for vegetarians. These meat substitutes can be extremely tasty and help to replace the bulk that is lost when you take out meat. On top of that they are much lower in fat content than real meat, so you’ll be able to eat healthier without tasting much of a difference. 

Try Veggie Spaghetti 

Pastas and noodles can be the basis of many of our meals and because they are carbohydrate-based, they can make up for a large amount of your calorie intake for the day. Rather than saying goodbye entirely to pasta and noodle-based meals, you could try replacing them with veggies that have been spiralised or very finely cut. Veggies like courgette and squash can be prepared in thin strips that will have much of the same consistency as the real deal, but at a significantly lower cost. 

Bake with Yoghurt 

If you’re anything like me, then you can be a bit partial to the occasional piece of cake or muffin. This might seem to be at odds with the idea of eating healthily but you can actually prepare tasty cakes and muffins at a massively lower calorie count, by using yoghurt as a replacement for butter. The sweetness of the yogurt can also mean that you can cut down on the sugar content, or even use sweetener instead. 

Snack on Popcorn 

I have a particular weak spot for crisps and given half the chance I can devour whole family sized bags on my own. This is obviously not ideal when you’re trying to lose weight, but if you still want to enjoy a similar snack you could try popcorn instead. Popcorn has less oils and fat than crisps do, and its rise in popularity as a healthier alternative also means that there are more and more flavours for you to try.