Healthy choices mean less premiums

There are loads of healthy lifestyle choices you can change that will have a direct effect on your health and your life insurance rates. Lifestyle choices that can have a negative impact on your health will also drive up the cost of your insurance.

1. Smoking

The big one that affects your insurance is smoking. Smoking exposes you to so many health related problems like lung cancer or heart disease. This makes you a big risk to insurers so your premiums will be through the roof no doubt. You might find you’ll be paying double in premiums just because you’re a smoker! Did you know your classed as a smoker if you have used or tasted nicotine in the past 12 months? After a year of not smoking, you will be reduced to basic rates!

2. Weight

If you’re overweight or obese you’ll be a higher risk your life insurance provider. Life insurance companies use BMI along with measurements to determine how overweight you are or if you fit into the obese category. Obesisty leads to problems like heart disease, increased risk of having a stroke, specific types of cancer, diabetes and much more. Your insurer will probably add an additional premium to your policy if you are overweight.

3. Alcohol consumption

If you’re a regular drinker and exceed the moderate levels of alcohol consumption then you will put yourself at risk of alcohol related problems. Your life insurance provider will view the level of risk but this also has a premium if you are found to drink more than what would be considered a moderate level.

Other than the fact all of these will save you a LOT of money your body will be much healthier. You won’t just be saving money on your premiums but think of all those cigarettes and alcohol you don’t need to buy.

Other than those big three there is a number of healthy improvements you can make to reduce the premiums you pay

Improving your diet and exercise regime:  Start eating more healthily and do some regular exercise. This boosts your health and well-being whilst enabling you to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight! So stay away from fast foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, don’t eat white bread and drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

The NHS has a smoke free calculator – its well worth checking out!

Stopping alcohol consumption and smoking can be really hard but there are plenty of places available to support you through the process. Have a look at and see what they have there. You also have other resources like the NHS who have online help and can refer you to local support groups too.

If you’re looking for insurance why not check out and see what they have to offer!