Losing weight fast!

How to lose weight fast

How do you approach this?

Weight loss remains a mystery to most people, all the documentation is available, and the truth is out there – but there are so many conflicting opinions on the “best possible way” to lose weight.

the problem with this is that it depends entirely on what you mean by “the best”. the “best” way to one person might mean “the quickest” way to achieve this goal. but to another it might mean “the healthiest” or “the easiest”

often times the quickest crash diets are far from healthy and certainly far from easy. but one style of diet remains relatively healthy whilst remaining quick and effective.

however, there is a comfortable middle ground

Intermittent Fasting. this is a style of diet where you limit your food intake into a short window of time daily. the ideal goal is to work towards reducing your intake into a one hour window so that you can get by a on one meal a day. (OMAD). this is widely beneficial as it effectively forces your body into a state of ketosis for a few hours whilst also making it much easier to track your food intake. (you’d be surprised at how many calories those mid day snacks add up to)

OMAD can be worked towards gradually, the more often you fast, the more used to it your body gets. periods of time which would give you sever hunger pangs previously eventually become totally normal.

can you make it easier on yourself?

During the “acclimatisation” period to your new diet, whilst you’re still waiting for the initial hunger pangs and various other annoyances to go away, you may wish to consider fat burners such as these from SAS Nutrition.

. they contain a handful of ingredients which play a part in appetite suppression, and a handful of others that play a serious role in encouraging the burning of fat for energy within your body.

the use of thermogenic compounds can accelerate your weight loss via causing your body to exert more energy purely by going through the process of heating you up and cooling you back down again.

the use of stimulant compounds can work via simply speeding up your bodies metabolism and increasing your energy expenditure as you find yourself utilizing that chemical “kick” to accomplish your goals.

the use of appetite suppression compounds can not only reduce various hunger pangs and cravings, but also reduce your food intake when you find yourself eating on your refeed hour.

IF fasting, more specifically OMAD is a tried and tested method of weight AND hormone manipulation, some periods of extended fasting have been used to treat type 2 diabetes and have been known to cause the complete reversal of symptoms within a handful of weeks or less.

Please Note: temporary diets are only useful for temporary results. permanent lifestyle changes must be made to maintain a healthy weight or stay at your particular goal weight. one of the primary benefits of fasting and the reason it is so often recommended over everything else is purely that it is easy to maintain. once your body is used to the diet – you may find that you have more energy and are thinking much more clearly. very few people go back after making the leap.