Super Simple Steps to Help You Lose Weight 

The internet is awash with get thin quick guides and outlandish recommendations to help you rapidly shed those pounds, but so many of them either don’t work or are damaging to your help. While of course, the best ways to lose weight are to make changes to your diet and do more exercise, there are actually a few small steps that you can take that will make your weight loss journey easier and less of an insurmountable obstacle. 

Say Goodbye to Oil 

You probably use oil in the preparation of most of your cooked meals, but oil can be easy way to pile on calories, and there are actually plenty of alternatives that can replace your need for oil entirely. Buying a good non-stick pan can help you to either reduce or eliminate your use of oil, but a better approach is to simply use a low-calorie fry spray instead. These sprays perform the same function as oil but have significantly less calories. Once you make the change over you won’t notice the difference and it will quickly become a normal part of your cooking process. 

Have a Prep Day 

One of the big obstacles to healthy eating is that generally it can involve a bit more preparation time than, say a microwaveable meal, so when you get in from a long day at work it can be tempting to go with the quick and easy options. One of the best ways to avoid this is by preparing most or all of your meals in a single afternoon of cooking and then freezing or refrigerating the meals for the week. Taking a bit of time out on a Sunday afternoon will save you lots of time through the week and will help you to avoid going for the “easy” option of unhealthy meals. 

Prepare Snacks 

In the same way as preparing your meals beforehand helps you to avoid eating unhealthy snacks, the same applies to preparing healthy snacks in advance. Cutting up some vegetables and putting them in some easily accessible Tupperware in the fridge can make it a little harder for you to justify reaching for those crisps. 

Get Lots of Sleep 

It might be surprising to hear that poor sleep can have a significant impact on the quality of your diet. Poor sleep can make you more susceptible to urges, binge eating and less inclined to follow a diet. A good night’s sleep will help you to overcome your cravings and stick to your goals much more easily. So, put your head down an hour earlier to enjoy better results. 

Cut Down on Sugar 

Sugar is one of the biggest players when it comes to poor health and out of control weight, but it is also one of the easiest things to cut out. Choose water, sweetened drinks or even fruit juices with natural sugars rather than drinks that have processed cane sugar or syrup in them. Find a sweet alternative to your sugary snacks, like dried fruit or yoghurts. You don’t have to cut sugar out of your life entirely, but you should try to cut down and enjoy it in moderation. Once you’ve made this small change, you might be surprised at how much weight you manage to shed.