How to Get Started with Weight Training 

With images of burly mean lifting comically large barbells prevalent in popular culture, weight training can sometimes be quite intimidating to newcomers. But there is absolutely nothing to fear! Weight training is far less complicated than you might first think, and it can be relatively easy to get involved and started for yourself.  


Dumbbells should be the best friend of any newcomer to weight training. You can pick up a set relatively inexpensively and they are an excellent gateway to building up your muscle. By following some exercise routines that you can find online from reputable sources, you’ll be able to take your first steps down the road to increased strength. You should try to do 2 different exercises for each area of your body at least 3 times a week in order to see changes and progression. Once you’re comfortable with dumbbells you can start to look at other workouts. 


Barbells are the best option for full body weight training workouts, but they can be intimidating to newcomers. You can buy some kit for your home, but it can get quite expensive, especially for a newcomer, so I’d recommend making your way to a gym. Before you pick up a barbell you should look up some barbells exercises and then try to replicate them with your dumbbells as a stand-in. This will let you practice your form. 

When you feel ready to pick up a barbell I’d recommend starting without any weights attached at all, and simply practice your form and get used to holding the bar. Once you’re comfortable you can start attaching weight and working out properly. You’ll be a pro before you know it. 

Other Equipment 

Since you’re in the gym already you can give all the other weight training equipment a try as well. Most of this equipment will come with guides attached so you can easily learn how to use them. However, this equipment is great for working out very specific areas of your body, but not necessarily for full body workouts and weight training. Feel free to incorporate this equipment into your workout, but barbells and dumbbells should remain the bread and butter of your workout. 

Everything Else 

Just like with all areas of fitness, one of the biggest parts of weight training is making adjustments to your lifestyle outside of the workout. Good eating, general exercises like cardio, proper sleep and a healthy social life will all contribute towards better gains and progress with your workout. The actual weight training is only half of the battle, so try and make some adjustments to make your life outside of the gym happier and healthier.