Do you love who you see in the mirror?

Well do you? this was the main reason I decided to change my lifestyle to become more healthy. The first thing that changed my mind was realising that we all start from the bottom. That girl wearing the bikini, the guy with the six pack or the marathon runner all had a healthy/fitness journey.

Once you actually start your journey you’ll be pretty excited, I was and I realised this was the PERFECT time to start. So I set myself goals and started planning my diet for the week. When you’re feeling excited this is the best time to start. A lot of people find it hard to get used to going to the gym or getting a fitness routine. When you’re excited it makes this much easier and after a couple of weeks of doing it even if the excitement is gone you’ll feel like you need to go.

The next thing I done was get rid of the junk food. I knew I had to make room for my new healthy living. If i remember it right this is the time you’ll start feeling pretty confused… confused about what exercises to do or confused about what foods to eat.

As well as being confused you’ll probably start getting irritated. Maybe you’ll make a new meal that costs a fortune and takes an hour to cook and then you don’t like it. You’re then considering a Chinese or Indian now probably.

If you manage to keep up and be strict with yourself you’ll start feeling pretty good about yourself. This is the Accomplishment phase – you’ve figured out how to use the slow cooker, know what recipes you do like and are making healthy changes in your life.

At some point you’ll hit the procrastination stage. You’ve finally let yourself go again and maybe went to a party or binged on a bunch of snacks.

You know at this point though you’re becoming used to the gym. You know your stuff, you’re not confused about what to do. You can do this! It was at this point where i realised i now have a healthy lifestyle and I decided to set my goals harder!